Production Schedule

Like any content production studio, we are going to maintain a production schedule so our audience knows when specific types of content will be released. Check back often to see what we have going on behind the current at Jazzmine and Skeet.

Alpha Clips

Posted by: admin Estimated Release Date: Jun 24, 2023

This will be our first set of publicly released high quality animation. There will be several clips included making the entire Alpha Clips construct a skit based one. We will get to see all the main characters of the Jazzmine and Skeet universe across the Alpha Clips. We are going…

Jazzmine And Skeet Guerilla Blog Series

Posted by: admin Estimated Release Date: Jul 29, 2023

Brian Paul Jaus will be visiting cat charities and doing informal interviews while the kitties are let loose for play. We have some fun energetic music elements, video elements and a great low cost series to add some reality content to the content roster. Each episode will highlight a particular…

Untitled Music Video

Posted by: admin Estimated Release Date: Sep 16, 2023

One of our first high quality animation productions will be a two and a half minute music video. We are going to voice recording in November, and animation in December. We are using non-traditional inputs to the animation process almost skipping the storyboarding process entirely. This video is going to…

Pilot Webisode: Interpolation (Climax Scene)

Posted by: admin Estimated Release Date: Feb 10, 2024

Climax scene of the pilot episode.