Barry H. Barker – Attorney At LargeVoiced By: Joshua Taback

Voice Actor Bio: Joshua Taback's IMDB Link

"I'm Barry H. Barker and I'll BITE for you !" goes his famous tag line. Barry H. Barker is Jazzmine's attorney. In our cat driven universe all attorneys are dogs, and there is no one more success driven than Barry H. Barker. Barry's Law Firm has a 100% win rate due to loose ethics and questionable business practices. It's nothing personal, Barry simply does not lose. Barry's "out of court services" include witness intimidation, jury tampering, bribery, kidnapping, extortion... whatever it takes to win, you can count on Barry and his firm Barker & Barker, LLP. The only problem is once you set Barry and his law firm in motion there is no stopping them. They can not have a loss on their record even if you change your mind about the lawsuit. It's nothing personal, Barry H. Barker simply does not lose.