The mission statement for Jazzmine And Skeet is simple and bold. We intend to build a content universe and supply free entertaining content of all types to cat lovers. You can read the genesis of our story here. We are starting with the simplest forms of content… memes, and cartoon strips. We will evolve into more sophisticated and expensive forms of content including music videos and full 30 to 40 minute webisodes. The content of all forms will center around our content universe and the characters within it. It will be regular people and cat lovers providing content directly to cat lovers with no one in the middle.

Unlike all other entertainment companies, Jazzmine and Skeet will be the first “open source” entertainment company. This term is borrowed from the Information Technology field and it means the content is free and we share all of it. That means not just the finished products, but all the assembly pieces that lead to final animation. Our direct audience will literally watch and learn the animation process as it unfolds something no other cartoon in history has offered. The content will come in pieces and in whole to an ever-growing fan base of cat fanatics. 

This is a true paradigm shift in the entertainment industry where people are taught only Hollywood can provide you a significant content audience. We will prove that in 2022 with some guerrilla marketing know-how and solid business acumen, you can build the audience yourself. But building the audience is not enough. If we want to help cats we have to monetize the audience and we will never charge for content. Thus, we must build products and merchandise to create revenue. 

We will indirectly monetize our content through merchandising of the brand name. We will create an extensive set of unique and adorable products for both cat owners and their cats. We vow to always create high quality, environmentally safe products with lots of cattitude. Our audience will come to love not only our content, but the highly unique and visually stunning products we create. We now have a revenue stream to share with the kitties. 

We will develop a revenue stream from the merchandise and take a portion of the net profits and direct those towards cat charities and sometimes individuals in need. It is that simple. We will bring a river of money to the kitty promise land and make people laugh doing it. For a person who loves cats, there could be no better destiny.