The Jazzmine And Skeet Content Universe (CU) is a free content platform designed to provide humorous cat related content directly to social media audiences. The content will be related to our story universe and the characters within it. We will be producing many different types of content providing a broad spectrum of content types to our consumers.

The initial stages will be the easiest forms, memes and cartoons. We already have the more sophisticated content in production including music videos, animated clips and full webisodes. When you are in the entertainment business content is king and the more you produce, the more revenue you generate, it’s that simple.


The Jazzmine And Skeet Story Engine (SE) is based on our two kitty leads Jazzmine And Skeet. They live in a middle class neighborhood in South Orange County California. Their cat parents Raylene and Archibald love them very much and take very good care of them. They live in a very large house and Raylene, who is an architect, has modeled the house into a cat paradise. There are a myriad of other ancillary characters in the SE each with their own unique back story and appeal.

The writers of Jazzmine and Skeet are fans of every form of animation since the very beginning. As such, we borrow heavily from all previous animation properties. We will use extensively the following elements in our storytelling.

·      Meta quotes and scenes – This is the use of famous quotes and entire scenes in a subtle way only fans of the original work will notice.

·      Flashbacks – Like Peter Griffin, Jazzmine is constantly recalling asinine events from the past.

·     Move quote references – Contemporary and classic movies and TVs will be both quoted and parodied at our heart’s content.

·   Looney Toons Physical Comedy – You can’t beat the schtick and we all grew up on it. You will see these elements in all sophisticated animation we do.

·     Music – We will extensively use music to tell the story of emotion throughout all our creative works. We embrace all different types of music and will showcase these through our Digital Artists Xchnage.

·     Science Fiction Lore –  The creators of Jazzmine and Skeet are giant geeks at heart and thusly so is Jazzmine. There will be endless references to science fiction lore, sometimes very obscure references. We will keep you on your toes.

The Jazzmine and Skeet universe is a creative collage of all the animation story properties that have come before it. We have designed it to be fun, entertaining and above all funny. We want the content to make you laugh, keep you guessing and always wanting more.