Because we are an open source entertainment and merchandising platform, we are going to regularly post product design concepts we have on the drawing board. We want our audience to see our merchandising vision and have the ability to even make suggestions prior to the products moving off the drawing board into production. We will ONLY product high quality and visually stunning products otherwise… what is the point ?

Skeet Sock Prototype

Posted by: admin Estimated Release Date: Dec 01, 2022

One of our first products will be a full color sublimation Skeet sock. We are currently working out manufatcuring methods, materials and other supply chain factors. We hope to bring this product into our store in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

Skeet Sunbeam Life Mug

Posted by: admin Estimated Release Date: Nov 22, 2022

Arriving shortly from manufacturing. Bright vivid colors and a fun design.

Jazzmine Demure Shirt Prototype

Posted by: admin Estimated Release Date:

Some solid Jazzmine hits as well as the sleeve logo hits. Of course what will be our ever lasting moniker... "Per Dens Et Unguibus" which is Latin for "By Tooth And Claw"