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As a 100% social media based company, we maintain a broad presence across most of the major social media platforms. In order to keep things fresh, we tent to have a different approach, angle and leader for each platform Skeet haunts math and science forums on Reddit. Jazzmine is a selfie queen on Instagram. Come check us out in as many platforms as you are a member of and support a great cause !


Author By: admin Oct 10, 2022

Skeet is a rising Twitter star and the main driver of our presence on Twitter. Jazzmine adds a little flavor and sass to the content but Twitter is Skeet's natural home. Our art team has a steady flow of meme and cartoon strip art flowing onto our Twitter feed and is continuing to increase. Current goals are 1,000 followers in November 2022, 2,500 followers in December 2023. Our stretch target is 10,000 followers in Q1 2023.


Author By: admin Oct 14, 2022

We maintain a company page on Facebook. Brian posts often in cat groups as himself but in character as Skeet.


Author By: admin Oct 14, 2022

Instagram will be Jazzmine's domain. Jazzmine will be a vane selfie queen always taking beauty shots of herself and her activities.


Author By: admin Oct 17, 2022

We run a fairly standard company page for Jazzmine and Skeet here. Brian and Diane have thousands of combined LinkedIn connections and drive engagement through these conduits. Come out and follow us on LinkedIn.


Author By: admin Oct 17, 2022

Pinterest will be primarily driven by Jazzmine. Jazzmine has passion for topics like paleo cooking and recipes, health and fitness, meditation, spirituality and martial arts. She is quite knowledgeable in all the areas and can hold her own in online discussions with these topics.


Author By: admin Nov 02, 2022

Reddit is the domain of Skeet. Skeet is a math and science wiz. Do not judge him by the way he communicates, he can hold his own on conversations against physicists and mathematicians. Give him a try and see.