Digital Artists Xchange

One of the most unique aspects of the Jazzmine and Skeet content universe is the Digital Artists Xchange (DAX) that underpins it. Jazzmine and Skeet is a crowd sourced project with contributors from 23 countries. This means many different artists with different styles are producing content. Anyone astute watching the steady stream of art we produce will notice there are several different styles at work. All the content is labeled as “Art by Skeet” but each content item is encoded with a digital media ID (DMID). The DMID is encoded with information about the content type, artist and production date.

In the future Jazzmine And Skeet will bring the DAX live allowing a true digital artists exchange. Using the DMIDs the public will be able to look up their favorite meme or cartoon strip and see the artist that produced it.

Unlike most production companies that hide their most prized artists, we will make them public. We want them to grow and mature as artists and move on to bigger and better opportunities. As artists mature and move on to larger opportunities we will cycle in new artists allowing a fresh set of talent in the DAX at all times. We do not know of any other animation venture that exists today with anything like our DAX and we believe it will become one of our greatest strengths.