Digital Product Xchange

Jazzmine And Skeet will not just sell cheap low grade shirts with toxic low quality plastisol heat transfers. We know people make money doing this, it is not the direction we want to go. To the contrary, Jazzmine And Skeet has staffed to build a merchandising hub of extremely unique and high quality products branded with the Jazzmine And Skeet branding. We are tightly integrated into social commerce platforms like Etsy to develop and build highly unique and useful products for our content viewer and consumer base. We will seek out product innovators and creators and work with the most cutting edge minds to develop a new generation of merchandise. Merchandise  consumers buy for more than just the branding on them.

We will eventually list and catalog all of our suppliers creating a digital product exchange where people can come and see the underlying supply chain engine which fuels Jazzmine And Skeet.