Calvin The Cat SitterVoiced By: Roland Wiley

Voice Actor Bio: Roland Wiley's IMDB Link

Calvin the Cat Sitter prides himself on being the best pet sitter, and specifically cat sitter the world has ever seen. He takes his job very seriously. Calvin is the only character on the show that can converse with the cats. As he says it, “I am fluent in 7 animal languages with a speciality in the feline tongue”. He is quite advanced for his age in many ways, but his child side still shows through. Calvin is efficient, dependable but annoyingly confident. Raylene and Archibald are shut-ins who rarely leave the house. On the rare occasion they do, they will not leave the cats without a sitter. This drives Jazzmine bananas. She doesn’t dislike Calvin, she hates the idea she even needs a cat sitter. But Calvin knows she is annoyed and doubles down on this setting up epic personality battles for dominance between the two. Skeet always has no friction with Calvin (or anyone ever) and thus loves his company. Calvin is a straight A student, he is involved in tons of math and science related extra circular activities and leads an army of loyal followers on the internet.