Gregorio ElGrandeVoiced By: Eric Lopez

Voice Actor Bio: Eric Lopez's IMDB Link

Gregorio's story is quite sad. In the most basic terms... he is just too strong. Gregorio is 8 feet tall and 500 pounds of solid muscle. He is an ex Lucha Libre wrestler from South America who has retired in South County, California. His career ended in disappointment. The reason is at the most basic of human needs, uncertainty. Gregorio simply never lost. He was just too strong. He dominated so brutally every fight he ever fought that there was no longer uncertainty in the mind of the audience. They knew he would win in seconds every time and all the excitement was lost. At the advice of his managers and handlers, Gregorio began to try to throw fights to gain back the uncertainty. It didn't work. If he allowed his opponent to gain an arm lock on him, their own arm would break due to Gregorio being so much stronger. If he dropped his guard and let them hit him unabated, their hands would be pulverized against his steel strong bones. Even when he tried to lose he still won. It was the ultimate humiliation, to fail because of your strength not your weakness. He moved to South County to retire and try to find value and purpose in himself beyond his strength. In this regard, Gregorio has adopted the most tiny of tiniest kittens... Cinnamon. Yes her name is Cinnamon Grande. "Oh my god her names sounds like a Starbucks drink !", says Jazzmine. It is an amazing and fun duality to have something so ridiculously big and strong paired with something so tiny and delicate. Gregorio and Cinnamon love each other very much and Gregorio takes the best of care of Cinnamon.