Jazzmine BudgeVoiced By: Laurie Lieser

Voice Actor Bio: Laurie Lieser's IMDB Link

Jazzmine is of course the center piece of the Jazzmine and Skeet universe. She runs the Budge household with an iron fist. In order to exist within her environment you have to follow all her ridiculous and aggressive bureaucracy including filling out forms for permission to perform specific actions.  Fail to follow her rules or show her the proper respect and you will face the wrath. Jazzmine is a Siamese through and through. She wants to be regal and is… mostly. However, if you push the right buttons she will quickly come at you like a spider monkey and she takes no prisoners. Jazzmine has massive magical claws she can extend to almost any length needed. The angrier her emotion, the bigger and more jagged her claws are. This is true of all cats in our universe except Skeet who has tiny claws. Underneath Jazzmine’s iron outer shell is a heart of gold but she will never admit to it. She loves her parents Raylene and Archibald very much and Jazzmine is very well taken care of. Jazzmine is highly intelligent, spiritual, worldly and well educated. She has access to an iPad and a room within the house that does not show up on any map or floorplan. This is where she stores her collectibles and science fiction collections. Jazzmine can get on the internet and do anything a human can do online. Her only weakness is although she can understand humans they can’t understand her. All they hear is “meow”. Jazzmine’s wit is sharp and her humor is often very dry. If she is acting mean and tough, its only to hide her soft gooey heart from you.