The SteveVoiced By: TBD

Voice Actor Bio:

Never leave the Steve alone with your girlfriend… or your boyfriend. He will steal them both. The Steve is the most handsome, fashionable, suave and debonair smooth operator you will ever meet. People with million dollar smiles envy the Steve, he comes with a billion dollar smile. The Steve has a fashion sense that puts all of ours to shame. He has an irresistible charm, and is the greatest listener to all that open up to him. He is always dressed to the nine’s and exudes the confidence of a spartan army. The Steve is an irresistible romantic force of nature, a powerful ancient love potion to any person that takes a whiff. He will steal your girl, and your guy if you aren’t careful. If he does, for some reason you can’t even bring yourself to get mad at him as you get lost in his eyes. He is… The Steve.