MEOW Foundation

Posted by: admin Date: Dec 22, 2022 MEOW Foundation was founded in 2000 by 11 passionate volunteers, brought together by their concern for the welfare of stray and abandoned cats in the City of Calgary. At the time, the majority of cats in Calgary’s shelters faced euthanasia. The MEOW 11 set out to create an alternative model — a model whereby no cat would be killed. And so, MEOW Foundation was born. We opened a cageless shelter with a no-kill mandate that also became well known for its expertise in cat behaviour as well as its evidence-based humane programs to reduce cat overpopulation. In short, the MEOW 11 laid the groundwork for what is today one of the most respected and effective cat-specialized foundations in Canada. MEOW Foundation has become a mainstay of the Calgary charitable landscape. Many of the MEOW 11 are still actively involved with the organization, volunteering their time to further our mission.