A Pocket Battleship…

Author By: Admin Published: 2022-10-28 23:31:16

In World War 2 there existed a class of ship called the pocket Battleship. They were feared on the high seas. The reason they were so feared was simple. The pocket battleship was strong enough to out gun anything its own size, and anything bigger it could out run. A very powerful combination of traits. This is what I have built Jazzmine and Skeet into.

Because we have direct investment funding from private investors, we can push out content of our own choice at any schedule we choose. There are no competing networks, prime time deadlines… just regular people making content for regular people. It is rare anyone at our size has near unlimited funding they can tap into should the situation call for it. This makes us strong.

In the same right, we have no one to tell us what to do. We can adapt and change our minds tomorrow to something new and our die-hard fans will love it and go right along with us. As such, we are far more nimble and able to adjust far faster than anyone larger than us in the animation industry. This makes us very nimble.

In addition I am the greatest technology asset Jazzmine and Skeet could ever hope for. I walk into the largest corporations on the planet and teach the the strategy of technology covering almost every aspect of Enterprise IT. A Sony or Disney pays millions to have technical resources that can build their digital entertainment platforms. I know because I am one of the people they have paid to do it. What an army of IT people can do I can do myself in my sleep. As Jazzmine and Skeet scales to unthinkable size I can guide every aspect of the IT sprawl and growth never once needing to pause or ask advice. There is no value a start up organization could put on something like this and it comes free by the nature of the founder. I can scale the digital aspect of Jazzmine and Skeet to the billion dollar level without even blinking because its what I do every day.

We can sail circles around the big studios from an agility perspective, we honestly wont even notice them where we play. They can not upend us, harm us or or impede us in any way as our audience comes directly to us. In addition, we can blast away any competition at our size or smaller with superior firepower and laser accuracy. We will become known as that deadly pocket battleship that was the scourge of the seas during World War 2.

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