Our Audience Is Growing With Us

Author By: Admin Published: 2022-11-08 02:50:46

Or a better way to say it, we are growing up in front of them. And the best of us were no different. Yes that is a REAL picture of the original Simpsons family during the days of the Tracey Ullman show. That’s when I started watching. The animation was literally so bad they were changing shape as they stood there. It was hilarious. We didn’t care ! We loved the characters and their personalities ! This is what I realized, it will never be perfect. You don’t think they wanted it to look better ? Spend more time ? But something told them the heart of what they were doing would come across no matter the quality and they were right. They made the right call and I don’t envy them, it could not have been an easy one. We are no different. Across all Social Media platforms we have close to a 10,000 person audience and it grows every day. Out of the gate our quality is better but only by the standards of that day. We have many different artists working across different mediums and one stressed out executive trying to govern the quality across them all. We miss stuff. We make typos. We feel stupid after. There could be no better signs that there are real people on the other side of this curtain. I realized that if you put your heart into something and take the risk to give it to people, they quickly come to love it. Once they do, they are very forgiving of inconsistencies and mistakes. Its no different than we were with the Simpsons over 30 years ago. Give your heart to your audience and they will grab onto it, they will come to love what you create¬† and they will grow with you as you mature. Its the way it happened for all the greats from the Simpsons to South Park, and it will happen for Jazzmine and Skeet too.

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