The Outcome Of The Sunbeam Life Mug Run…

Author By: Admin Published: 2022-12-24 06:00:05

Jazzmine and Skeet’s first product run ever, the Skeet Sunbeam Life mug ended up being quite an experience from beginning to end. I very generously offered one extra Sunbeam life mug plus an extra holiday mug so we ended up doing a 300 mug order out of a production floor that was being built as it was being used. Diane and I are without sleep, proper nutrition and are somewhere between wanting to commit hari kari and deciding every ill in the world is the other’s fault. Lets just say we are taxed. But rightly so, nothing great comes without tremendous hard work and our hearts are in this cause. They say if you love what you do then you never truly work and Jazzmine and Skeet has never been work to me.

In the end, we thought of an economic construct… a collector’s edition… first of its kind for a brand new cartoon series. We built the supply chain, bought and learned the equipment and created an entire end to end production process in less than a week. More importantly, we envisioned a financial construct with a very precise financial goal.

We sold 100 mugs @ $19.95 generating $1,995 in revenue. Its actually not that because credit card companies take their piece but regardless we count it as that. Of that we kept aside $5 per mug for charity. Because we gave out extra stuff we actually lost money on every order, but we wanted to focus on the revenue and charitable constructs here so we can create a rinse and repeat formula. Once we are up and running the costs will right size.

Now we have to determine the best way to disburse the donation. There were several cat charities loudly recommend by our audience. In total we have eight now in our directory.

We are going to divide it up equally. To make sure it is $100 per charity Diane and I put in an extra $300 to make the total donation $800. Before the weekend is over we will make the eight donations and reach out to each charity to confirm receipt. This is the social contract of Jazzmine and Skeet with our viewers / fans. This is how the machine works and will always work. We will give you fun entertainment, give you super fun products to buy and point the whole machine towards helping kitties in need. How cool is this little pocket battleship called Jazzmine and Skeet ?

Now that the machine is clearly defined and understood, imagine as it grows. $2,000 in sales lead to $500 in donations. I can’t always promise exactly what the percentage will be as that is based on supply chain, operating costs etc… but it will always be significant. Using this formula… imagine when we are at $20,000 in sales which is already going to happen in January, or $200,000 in sales… or $2,000,000 in sales. Huge things are coming for Jazzmine and Skeet and kitties in need they support in 2023.

We just signed our contract with the animation studio and now have the entire pipeline set up. We have the first fun clips landing in January 2023. For the first time the audience will see Skeet alive, talking, breathing… and being Skeet.

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