The Zero Stack

Author By: Admin Published: 2023-01-21 05:27:13

We have a phrase at Jazzmine and Skeet. We call it the zero stack. We set but a simple goal of 10. 10 followers. $10 in sales. 10 anything it doesn’t matter. You have to start somewhere. From there, we stack a zero. We go to 100, then 1000, then 10,000 and so on. Every great thing we will ever achieve will start with the innocuous number of ten.

On October 1st, 2022 Skeet came to life on Twitter. The day before, to the world, he did not exist. On that day he came alive. Skeet’s first follower was an automated porn bot, that’s a true story. That bot is long gone from Musk’s bot purges… but you have to start somewhere. We stacked the second zero within a week. Each zero becomes exponentially harder to achieve… this isn’t linear growth… its exponential with a slope factor of ten. Try it, only the toughest among us can keep it up for very many zeros. I’ve done this once before and it takes years off your life.

On January 20th, 2023 Skeet stacked a third zero. 1,000 followers reached today. More importantly this isn’t a group of 1,000 bots and looky-loos. This is 1,000 solid human beings… some of the coolest people we have EVER met. You are all either cat lovers, you love the liveliness and humor of our feed, or you love Skeet’s personality. We can not tell you how eternally grateful we are for every one of you and that you took the time to follow our tiny venture… a tiny sapling which will soon be a massive oak tree. Before we get too big we are going to find a way to reward everyone that was there early on. What a special group this is and always will be. Twitter, and by proxy our feed, will always have user attrition (with simultaneous growth) and thus we know people will come and go. Regardless, we want take just a moment to say thank you and we appreciate you more than our words could ever properly express.

We have invested huge amounts of capital into the business from production to content. We have network quality animation, music videos, shorts and many other things landing in 2023 taking the feed to a whole new level. We hope you love what we provide as much as we love providing it, stay tuned and buckle up because we are blowing up into the stratosphere in 2023.

Brian Paul Jaus
The Architect

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