We Are Now In Harm’s Way

Author By: Admin Published: 2022-12-12 04:54:31

December 11th, 2022 is one of the most important days in the history of the development of Jazzmine and Skeet… a history stretching back six years. In the wake of the death of my ladies I had a vision. I am wrought with self-doubt and fight it every day but this vision on its own fought its way through that fog of doubt in my mind. It would not let itself not be heard and not be seen even in the times my fears tried to suppress it.

I envisioned a mechanism to help cats and the people that support them. I remember the helpless feeling I had as mine were transitioning over the rainbow bridge and I wanted to help anyone that might be feeling it. I envisioned the creation of lovable feline characters that people would fall in love with just as I had. I envisioned a business model around these characters that could provide fans fun products and produce a revenue stream of which we could drive a portion of the proceeds to cat charities.

Tonight, we proved that we have built just that… even if only in an infant version of what is to come. In a test run of sixty days we exposed one of our core characters to the world, albeit by far the easiest character in our universe to fall in love with. We showed the heart, mind and imagination of what Jazzmine and Skeet is and how much fun even the simple memes and GIFs we are putting out can provide. From just that limited exposure we already have regular fans and equally important… we already have aggressive buyers of Jazzmine and Skeet products. This is after just 60 days with one social media platform and one character. Even the most massive oak tree starts as a tiny sprout with a single leaf breaking through the dirt. If one could examine the DNA of that tiny little sprout, they would be able to see what it is going to become.

From this point forward the acceleration increases quickly. On October 1st we took the pocket battleship out on the water in test mode. We looked for leaks and there were many, there still are. But we proved the ship is seaworthy and the potential she will have on the high seas. Sea trials are over. It is now time for battle and engendering all the risk that battle imposes. Only those who can learn to be one with their fear can make it past this point. The road to success is littered with the memories of those who fell close to this point or just after it in their journey.

Just 60 days after launch we are selling out product, heading to the studio for voice recording culminating into studio quality animation landing in 2023. In tandem we have built supply chain and mastered multiple manufacturing methods including sublimation, direct to film and embroidery. We have hundreds of amazing products landing in January 2023 and there will be no turning back on the Jazzmine and Skeet merchandising empire. We have independent funding from the enterprise IT space and not a single entity in the entertainment eco-system which can tell us to do anything. We will be in the realms of and have the apparent capabilities of some of the largest studios like Disney, Warner Brothers and Fox with flexibility and fluidity of motion those monoliths could only dream of. The training wheels are off and we are now in harms way. Beware all those that challenge a pocket battleship, there was a reason this class of ship was so deadly in WW2. It could outgun anything smaller and outrun anything bigger.

My goal is no longer to launch the ship. Its launched. Now my goal is to master rough seas with ships like Disney far larger than us cutting in and out of their paths and wakes while finding a ways to monetize this venture in the most lucrative ways possible to ultimately bring a river of money to kitties in need. Very few have ever crossed this chasm… Groening, Mac Farlane, Parker and Stone. Each of them were handed their audience by the network they sold to. We are going to fight for every single audience member one heart and one smile at a time. For those that have been through this no explanation is necessary, for those that have not… no explanation is possible. Have no doubt, the pocket battleship is now in harms way and this is where we will find the resources need to help all the worthy cat charities depending on us.

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